Python: using Atom and Terminal to run python scripts. Please help!

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I am a medical student learning to program. I've started Haskell, R, and now Python. I am an absolute beginner. When using Haskell, I can open the Terminal app and type in ghci then I once I'm in the Haskell Interpreter (is that what it's called?), I can type :l followed by the path to the script to load a program. I can use the text editor (Atom, in my case) along with Terminal app to check commands that I recently put into the text editor and check them in real-time in the Terminal app. I cant figure out how to do this using python. For example, If I load python from the terminal and get >>> , I cant open a Hello, World program I wrote in my text editor. The only way I can open the program is if my Terminal is set to Fadis-MacBook-Air: ~ cerebrate$: from here i can type "python /Users/cerebrate/desktop/python.py to run my script; it does display Hello World. But I want to be able to constantly add code to my Atom text file and see it immediately in the Terminal app. If anyone understands my problem, I would be very grateful for any help. Thank you!


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