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Benefits of using C# over C++

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Yay! First post on this section of an awesome site!

Fed up of waiting for C# to catch up with C++ in terms of speed, I've decided to learn C++.  However, it's an ugly language compared to the syntax of C# and even other "web" languages.  Yes, people will probably flame me here, but I've had enough waiting around.  It will simply never happen. 

A few years ago, people were all like "hey, one day C# will catch up with C++ in much the same way that C++ caught up with assembler in what it can achieve". The reality it that C++ will always be the "proper" language - i.e. being used to shave precious seconds of this or that algorithm.

However, I found the VB.NET, Java, C#, C++ route to be a very logical progression. The C++ language is to too hard to learn without trawling through the who subject.  Me - I prefer to cherry-pick my bits that I need to learn.  However, I find it a problem sorting the wheat and chaff - meaning that I need to read entire subjects just to find out what this or that symbol means in C++.

Has anyone gone through this process of learning C++ after C#? What gotchas or problems have you found  (garbage collection, etc)?  Notable differences? (code injection, etc)

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