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Prompt user for three sides of triangle and determine if it is valid triangle and then compute area

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using namespace std;

int main(){

    float aside, bside, cside;
    //enter side a
    cout << "enter the length of side a " << endl;
    cin >> aside;
    //enter side b
    cout << "enter the length of side b " << endl;
    cin >> bside;
    //enter side c
    cout << "enter the length of side c " << endl;
    cin >> cside;

    if (aside == bside && bside == cside) // all sides equal
        cout << "Equilateral triangle\n";
    else if (aside == bside || aside == cside || bside == cside) // at least 2 sides equal
        cout << "Isosceles triangle\n";
    else // no sides equal
        cout << "Scalene triangle\n";

    float first, second, third;
    float s, area;
    cout << endl << "Enter size of each sides of triangle" << endl;
    cout << "Enter size for First Side =";
    cin >> first;
    cout << "Enter size for Second Side =";
    cin >> second;
    cout << "Enter size for Third Side =";
    cin >> third;
    s = (first + second + third) / 2;
    area = sqrt(s*(s - first)*(s - second)*(s - third));
    cout << "Area of Triangle= " << area << endl;

    return 0;

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