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String Library Question

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Hi guys.

I have been learning the basics of c++ from Kevin's tutorials, and I have a big question.

What does #include <string> really do? 

String is a variable, so why isn't it inherent of c++?  Why do you have to include the string libraries? 


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Hi, I just have a couple of questions.


For multiple if - statements, why do you put an if statement inside of an else statement?  Wouldn't it be easier to just use else if?


What does #include <string>  do?  I don't understand why you have to include libraries just to use a variable type. 


Thanks a lot.


String is not included as a primitive object in C++. There is no concept of a string out of the box with C++, however, there is a concept of an array of characters. To make using strings easier the string class was created. When you type the line #include <string> you are adding that class (the string class) to your project. Under the hood the string class uses an array of characters. 

Remember, that string is not a variable (neither is int or char). These are types, or in the case of string, and object (aka class).

String is not included by default in C++ because C++ is a very bare bones language. It gives you the bear minimum and it is the programmers responsibility to add on to that. That is one of the reasons C++ is so powerful; because it does not have all that extra "stuff" (like string) it is very lightweight out of the box. 


If statement question: Yes in most cases using else if is easier. Did it for the sake of showing different ways to do things.

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