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This post is to formally introduce Arduino Into the One Stop Programming community. In the coming months I plan to create several Introduction to Arduino tutorials. If anyone has any ideas for projects they would like to see demonstrated in the tutorial series please post them here. I'm looking forward to you creativity.

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Hi Admin...ahm I am into this Arduino thing...but I don't know any basic about this. Yet you posting this thread, so I kinda looking forward to this tutorial. Hope I can adapt this Arduino. Uhm, one more thing....can you include in your tutorial about:

1. Differences of Arduino Uno vs Arduino Nano..if there is.....
2. Compiling, Assembling.....

3. Different Project like Phone Calling, Video Calling or Wi-Fi related projects...

Thanks in advance.... :D :rolleyes:

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On 7/9/2018 at 1:46 PM, Quinn El-Nathanlee said:

Bring it up, I have bought the starter kit (arduino starter kit ) but I don't know were to start. 

I recommend starting with blink. Play with that and get the LED on the board to blink at different rates. Then move the LED onto a bread board with a resistor. Once you do that you should have your feet wet.

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