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Hello everyone,

My name is Kevin and I am One Stop Programming. My goal is to provide quality programming instruction and support for new and experienced developers alike. The execution of this goal is three fold. First and foremost, I focus on providing high quality programming tutorials on You Tube. Second I work to maintain supplementary instruction and supporting material on the One Stop Programming blog found at and lastly I work to go and maintain the community here on the forums. I believe that learning should be a community effort. If you are struggling with a strange error or want to expand your knowledge it is likely that someone else has a similar issue. They can then share that knowledge and experience to improve the collective knowledge of the community.

Programming is and always should be fun! Don't spend hours bashing your head against the wall, go to the community for help. Conversely, if you see someone ask a question don't hesitate to lend your experience.


Welcome to the Fourm

Kevin aka Kdog aka One Stop Programming

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