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  1. You introduced me to the If function! Thanks Are you still practicing?? We could email together our projects and learn from each other! This website is just slow, sadly.. What'd you think!? :) - Christoffer WOW!!! Yours looks very simple compared to mine. I may be over thinking it just a bit????? But yes I am still practicing and would very much like to e-mail back and forth with ideas and different techniques that we learn. my e-mail is Name is Dylan. And yes this forum is very slow, and doesn't seem to have any day to day activity and my patients is too little for a forum like this. I really hope it grows. The admin for the forum tho is awesome and has great tutorials.
  2. Hello everyone!!!! I am very new to this but very eager to learn!! This is a very basic code that I am trying to work on. Basically I want to be able to input two different numbers and if they are the same I want the program to tell me "True! They are the same!!" or "False, the two numbers do not match." #include <iostream> #include <cstdlib> using namespace std; int main() { cout << "Let's see if we can make this simple code.\n"; int number1; int choice1; cin >> choice1; int number2; int choice2; cin >> choice2; if(number1 == number2) { cout << "True! the two numbers are the same!! \n"; } else { cout << "False, the two numbers do not match.\n"; } return 0; } I am able to input two different numbers, but I always receive the same message of False!!! I know this has to be simple but for some reason I just can't figure it out. P.S. I wrote this by myself with tutorials or any help thus far. Just trying to venture out on my own, very unsuccessfully I might add lol. Anyway thank you in advance for your help.
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    How far have you come from being a beginner? I just started within the last week or so actually writing my own code and have yet to write a successful line of code that works.
  4. Hey!! I know this post is a little old but hopefully you are still an active member. I would like to know if you have come closer to your goal to become familiar with c++ and java??
  5. Yes!!!! I would also love to see it, but first I must at least make a simple program as I am sure that making a game is moderate to advanced level programming.
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    I love you

    Hey!! I too would like to make a game or app in c++. I am very unaware on how this process is done tho lol. Hopefully this forum will help us both out!
  7. Hello everyone!!! I am new to this forum and to programming!! I'm not so good right now, but have been watching tons of videos and currently taking a beginners course to programming c++ in college!! Very excited about it so for, even tho I can not make a simple program, but I am very aware of the "You must crawl before you can walk" saying and keeping that in mind every step of the way. Anyway, a little about me: My name is Dylan, I love cars, music, engineering, and basically anything that involves building. I am currently working on building a race car to compete in autoX FWD events. I also love to write and record my own music. I have an associates degree in arts and a tungsten metal arc welding degree. I look forward to meeting all of you and hopefully will be a master programmer within the next couple of years lol!!!