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    Hi there from Germany, I'm in the consulting business for strategy development. Normally I'm using online tools to help my customers and friends online in a collaboration form... there are many tools to develop strategies p.e. based on Michel Porters five forces or Kaplans balanced scorecard. Also I like Osterwalders strategy Canvas..... But I cannot find easy to handle online tools to devlop a strategy map like a canvas creating it online like a interactive drawing tool. After finishing it should be possible to import data from this map into data base; means to start data collecting with this strategy map structure further on the strategy map should be annotated, means the designed process flows should be marked, linked an so on that you ave more information in this strategy map and you can drill down from this to further management tools and KPIs to see where you are in your business.... Python should be the right tool to realise this step by step Ole