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    @Kevin I've done what you'd advised me to do for my program! This is the edited version... I believe that the program is now sufficiently tidy and reusable. I've followed all of the PEP8 guidelines but if there is anything that i can do to improve my code, please let me know! Thank you!
  2. Apollo


    Made my first program using KJDElectronics' video tutorials of Python! This is the edited and cleaned up version i made after reading some advice about splitting up functions so that they can become more usable. Really happy with it and I'm still waiting on some more constructive criticism and ways to improve it! Here it is! """Calculator""" # Modules: import time # used as an illusion of loading for effects import random # used for random numbers in random_operation function import sys # used to exit program when needed # Operations: def add(num1, num2): # Defines addition return num1 + num2 def sub(num1, num2): # Defines subtraction return num1 - num2 def mul(num1, num2): # Defines multiplication return num1 * num2 def div(num1,num2): # Defines division try: return num1 / num2 except ZeroDivisionError: # Handles division by zero print("Division by zero cannot be done. Returning zero...") return 0 def exp(num1, num2): # Defines exponentiation return num1 ** num2 # Run operation function: def run_operation(operation, num1, num2): # Determine operation if operation == int("1"): print("Adding...") time.sleep(1) print(num1, "+", num2, "=", add(num1, num2)) elif operation == int("2"): print("Subtracting...") time.sleep(1) print(num1, "-", num2, "=", sub(num1, num2)) elif operation == int("3"): print("Multiplying...") time.sleep(1) print(num1, "*", num2, "=", mul(num1, num2)) elif operation == int("4"): print("Dividing...") time.sleep(1) print(num1, "/", num2, "=", div(num1, num2)) elif operation == int("5"): print("Raising to the power...") time.sleep(1) print(num1, "^", num2, "=", exp(num1, num2)) else: print("I don't understand") time.sleep(1) # Random operation function def random_operation(operation): for loop in range(4): # repeats random calculations 4 times valid_input = False while not valid_input: # while loop for invalid inputs try: operation = (input("What would you like me to do? add, subtract, multiply, divide, or " "raise to the power?...")) valid_input = True except ValueError: print("I don't understand...") time.sleep(1) # Defines random calculations random_num1 = random.randint(1, 100) random_num2 = random.randint(1, 100) if operation == str("add"): print("Randomizing") time.sleep(1) print(random_num1, "+", random_num2, "=", add(random_num1, random_num2)) time.sleep(1) elif operation == str("subtract"): print("Randomizing") time.sleep(1) print(random_num1, "-", random_num2, "=", sub(random_num1, random_num2)) time.sleep(1) elif operation == str("multiply"): print("Randomizing") time.sleep(1) print(random_num1, "*", random_num2, "=", mul(random_num1, random_num2)) time.sleep(1) elif operation == str("divide"): print("Randomizing") time.sleep(1) print(random_num1, "/", random_num2, "=", div(random_num1, random_num2)) time.sleep(1) elif operation == str("raise to the power"): print("Randomizing") time.sleep(1) print(random_num1, "^", random_num2, "=", exp(random_num1, random_num2)) time.sleep(1) else: print("I don't understand") time.sleep(1) print('\nPLEASURE CALCULATING WITH YOU.') time.sleep(1) print('GOODBYE...') time.sleep(1) sys.exit() # Exits program # Main calculator function: def main(): user_continue = True while user_continue: # Loops if user would like to restart program valid_input = False while not valid_input: # Loops if user enters an invalid input. Avoids error try: # Acquire user input num1 = int(input("What is number 1?...")) num2 = int(input("What is number 2?...")) operation = int(input("What would you like to do? 1. Addition, 2. Subtraction, 3. Multiplication, " "4. Division, 5. Exponentiation... Choose a number...")) valid_input = True except ValueError: # Handles any value errors print("invalid input, please try again...") time.sleep(1) run_operation(operation, num1, num2) time.sleep(1) # Ask if user wants to do random calculations or exit: restart_random = (str(input("Would you like to make more calculations? (y) for yes, anything else for no..." "\n OR would you like a random calculation?...(r) for random calculations then " "exit...anything else for no..."))) if restart_random != "y" and restart_random != "r": print("PLEASURE CALCULATING WITH YOU!") time.sleep(1) print("\nGOODBYE!") time.sleep(1) user_continue = False elif restart_random == "r": time.sleep(1) random_operation(operation) # intro-like sequence print('\n\n Calculator\n\n') time.sleep(1) print(' ---LOADING---\n') time.sleep(1) print('HI. I AM YOUR PERSONAL CALCULATOR BEEP BOOP. \n WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE ME TO CALCULATE?..\n') time.sleep(1) # call main function to start program main() # Turns my program into a module capable of being imported: if __name__ == '__calculator__': main() calculator.py