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  1. It seems to have been lost, but if you are intersted in Python, you may read this(though it is not a video course)
  2. Yeah, make sure you have Python on your PC)
  3. Root13

    Introducing Arduino

    I'm still waiting)
  4. Hi everyone, I am interested in data analyzing and have read some information about it. As for programming, I found R language not very suitable and decided to use Python. Can you recommend some courses or video-courses, which you think give the best knowledge and skills?
  5. Microsoft is talking for years about making C# multi platform, hope, it will happen someday...
  6. C# is much more comfortable for me, also I enjoy the benefits of the whole .Net framework, especially easy way to manage databases with SQL Server
  7. I use Komodo Edit, it's free and multi-language, just what is needed
  8. Thanks, now it's no problem)
  9. Great tutorial, hope, you will continue
  10. Root13

    Simple question

    But you may just use Google to have an answer..