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  1. It seems to have been lost, but if you are intersted in Python, you may read this(though it is not a video course)
  2. Root13

    I can't modify a text file to .py in Windows 8

    Yeah, make sure you have Python on your PC)
  3. Root13

    Introducing Arduino

    I'm still waiting)
  4. Root13

    Python for Data Analysis

    Hi everyone, I am interested in data analyzing and have read some information about it. As for programming, I found R language not very suitable and decided to use Python. Can you recommend some courses or video-courses, which you think give the best knowledge and skills?
  5. Microsoft is talking for years about making C# multi platform, hope, it will happen someday...
  6. Root13

    Benefits of using C# over C++

    C# is much more comfortable for me, also I enjoy the benefits of the whole .Net framework, especially easy way to manage databases with SQL Server
  7. Root13

    Text Editors for MAC

    I use Komodo Edit, it's free and multi-language, just what is needed
  8. Root13

    Environmental Variable Workaround

    Thanks, now it's no problem)
  9. Root13

    Practice Program: Area Calculator

    Great tutorial, hope, you will continue
  10. Root13

    Simple question

    But you may just use Google to have an answer..
  11. Root13

    New&Wanted To Say Hi :)

    Hello to you)