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  1. Hey everyone, I recently joined the programming game and this blog as well, which I found very helpful along with the creator of the website uploading videos on YouTube. I have come to understand quite a bit so far myself but there are some questions I want cleared by some of you guys who have been programming for some time now...Those questions are.. What method am I suppose to use to learn c++? More precisely, should I be writing down the codes I've seen so far on paper to be able to more easily use and implement in the program? Or will it all come by constant exposure, and proceeding on with the tutorial videos?..I feel like learning the videos and following up with onestopprogrammer's material shown in the video is a good, but if I come out and try to use what he did in the video on my own to build a calculator foresay all by myself, can prove quite difficult. For example, sometimes I would erase stuff to find out what they did as in a trial and error format to help me create the understanding of basics. Also, its probably better to put it out that I have started only 2 days ago and have probabbbly done better than others based on the questions they were asking in the comment section on YouTube.. Thanks Everyone! P.S --I am also a mechanical engineering student, and hopefully I can build a strong community base on this website so me and a few of you guys, whomever interested can work on a nice project in the near future as I improve on my c++ programming skills.