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  1. Hello users, new here just wanted to stop in say hello and I look forward to talking with you all :) Originally came here for my new adventure learning python but hope to go further after I am done with it.
  2. def helloworld(myString): print(myString) myName = input("What is your name?") myVar = input("Enter a number: ") if myName == "Liquid" or myVar != 0): print("Liquid is great!") elif(myName == bob"): print("bob is ok") else: print("Hello world") helloworld() First off I wanna start by saying Hello to everyone! I am new to these forums as well as to python. A few people told me this was a good forum site and it is also linked in the series I am trying to learn from on youtube so I figured I would come to you guys for help with my issue. Ok so that's the code im trying to use, yet line 5 has a syntex error and I cant figure out why. I have followed the youtube video in the 'Python tutorial for absolute beginners' series step by step and the last 2 videos keep giving me an error on this line. I tried ! = 0 as well as != 0 like the above shows. Before though in the last video, I was having a syntex error with the or in the same line. Can somebody explain what I am doing wrong please. Thanks in advance also look forward to talking with you all more in the near future :)