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  3. New to the forum!

    Hey all! Just wanted to introduce myself. My names Matt. Ive learned basic coding in college and through the military. Over the years ive pretty much lost all the coding I did know so I'm starting from scratch. Ive decided to use Python to help get me reintroduced to coding. So far these videos have been very helpful!. I'll try not to ask too many questions from you guys n girls ;)
  4. when I add a text documents in my desktop, I can not change the type to .py
  5. when I add a txt documents in my desktop, I can not change the type to .py
  6. Hello guys, can someone help me understand what have I done wrong here :D In last part, when it asks "Do u want some more?" and instead of writing "1" or "2" you type some random shit everything is fine, but if you type "3", "4" etc. is says "Wrong" as it should be but then after asking again "Do you want some more" and pressing "1" it just shuts down without continuation. Any suggestion would be more than welcome! :) def main(): exitInput = False while not exitInput: correctInput = False while not correctInput: try: num1 = int(input("Enter first number: ")) num2 = int(input("Enter second number: ")) operation = int(input("What you want to do: 1 to add , 2 to subtract , 3 to multiply , 4 to divide. Enter number: ")) correctInput = True except: print("Invalid operation! Try again.") if (operation == 1): print("Result:") print(add(num1, num2)) elif (operation == 2): print("Result:") print(sub(num1, num2)) elif (operation == 3): print("Result:") print(multi(num1, num2)) elif (operation == 4): print("Result:") print(div(num1, num2)) else: print("You must enter valid operation") wtfInput = False while not wtfInput: try: exitingNote = int(input('Do u want some more? Type 1 for "Yes" or 2 for "No": ')) if (exitingNote == 1): print('Ok') exitInput = False break elif (exitingNote == 2): print('Bye bye!') continue else: print("Wrong") wtfInput = False except: print("wtf?") wtfInput = False main()
  7. Great stuff, had a good time following this course so far. Please keep it up!!
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  9. Good morning, this is Heike, I'm totally new to python. I could not chose an interpreter for my pycharm professional trial edition 2017.3.3. on Win7 x64. The Dropdownlist was empty in comparnes to all the videos I watchd. Whenever it comes to the point(within those videos), they have some to chose from that list. Then, I installed Anaconda3. Now I can go this way: - start pycharm - click on "File" - Click "new project" - "Pure Python" (default) - but only "Existing Interpreter" is possible. How it comes that it has only an intepreter if Anaconda is installed, and why all the videos does not mentioned it.? The other option: If I chose "New Environment" it has a "base interpreter": "C\ProgramData\Anaconda3\Python.exe" and it comes to this message finally:"Cannot set up a python SDK at Python 2.7(venv) (C:\Users\Me\venv\Script\python.exe) The SDK seems invalid" The last thing is not that important to me. I placed it here cause maybe it helps, maybe it holds also some information. Hopefully someone answers me, thanks
  10. Hello, I am getting the following error when I am configuring Pycharm, I would like to fix it, that way I can follow you on the Video. Python version used is: Python 3.6.4 released 2017-12-19, please help:
  11. Can someone tell me how to fix this mistake.

  12. I tried making a calculater but the code seems to not work.
  13. opening with IDLE/ file pathway

    thanks, sorted thanks to 'lloyds'' with same problem - allow hidden file extensions
  14. opening with IDLE/ file pathway

    Here (pic below) is the default location where python was installed on my PC. DO I need to copy this whole line into the environmental variables pathway? Also, from beginners tutorial 2 my new text file wont give me the option of opening with idle, even when I change it to a python file type
  15. In a tough spot

    Good day everyone--after hours of searching and not being able to find my answer I'm hoping someone here can help. In my Python class my instructor has had to leave for a family emergency. I have been asked to take on a lesson. Specifically, how to clean a CSV file using python. I have no experience with this. What I'm needing is a step by step how to, so that I can practice it and then walk the class thru it. I have to do it tomorrow afternoon. ANY and all assistance would be greatly appreciated. please help. thanks
  16. Python Beginners Series Updates

    Hi guys, This is a pretty quick question, but I recently joined this forum after watching all of the python tutorial videos made by Kevin. The playlist has not been updated since August, and I just wanted some information in regards to what is happening with it. I loved all the videos and they actually made me reasonably proficient at that language, so it would be great to see them continue into 2018 in some way, shape or form.
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  18. AttributeError

    I'm playing around with date and time im getting this error message AttributeError: type object '' has no attribute 'time' i'm not to sure what it means. also i tried looking online for an answer but i could not find any thing comprehensive. if any one has any hot tips or points me in the right direction that would be awesome. thanks. I just fixed my code. mislabeled something and had to fix a few things.
  19. HighLowGame

    Really?I would enjoy that. i'm still trying to fully understand how to use loops to their fullest.
  20. im stuck

    can anyone please help me find my problem here it keeps telling me syntax error for the last line main(): #adds def add(num1,num2): return num1 + num2 #subs def sub(num1,num2): return num1 - num2 #muls def mul(num1,num2): return num1 * num2 #devs def dev(num1,num2): return num1 / num2 #the main program def main(): chicken = input("pick what you want to do: ('+','-','*','/')") if(chicken != '+' and chicken != '-' and chicken != '*' and chicken != '/'): print("wrong input") else: banana1 = input("place your first number here:") banana2 = input("place you second number here:") if(chicken == "+"): print(add(banana1,banana2) main()
  21. what is ven library root ? is that normal I don't see on yours
  22. Hi, I tried to program the game "rock,scissors,paper": The results were ok but one thing, the printer had two NONE that i didn't understand way they appeared. import random def num_to_object(x): if x==1: print('Rock') elif x==2: print('Scissors') elif x==3 : print('Paper') userplaying = True while userplaying: user= int(input('Holla ' 'please choose 1.Rock, 2. Scissors 3.Paper:__')) computer=(random.randint(1,3)) print(num_to_object(user)) print(num_to_object(computer)) if user==computer: print('even!!!!!!!!(-8') elif user==1 and computer==2 or user ==2 and computer==3 or user==3 and computer==1: print('user win !!!!!!!! (-:') else: print('computer win !!!!!!! )-;') user_continue=input('Would you like to play again? y/n?') if user_continue=='y': userplaying=True else: break
  23. """Returns num1 plus num2.""" return def """Returns num1 minus num2.""" return def """Returns num1 times num2.""" return def """Returns num1 divided by num2.""" return def """Allows user to run basic calculator operations with two numbers.""" False True while while not # Get user input tryintinput"What is number 1?"intinput"What is number 2?"intinput"What do you want to do? 1. add, 2. subtract, 3. multiply, or 4. divide. Enter number: "True exceptprint"Invalid input. Try again."# Determine operation if 1print"Adding..."printelif 2print"Subtracting..."printelif 3print"Multiplying..."printelif 4print"Dividing..."printelseprint"I don't understand"input'still want to run? y for yes/ n for no'if 'y'print"go ahead"elif 'n'False
  24. Learning c++ 124

  25. Would I use blend or something else? Are there useful online tutorials I can look at? I’ve currently developed a winform app and I want to change it to use a dynamically generated menu. I want it to generate menu options based on queries for key words. Thanks.
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  27. second video

    when I say that myname = input(" what is your name?") then press enter the result is what is your name? the as the video said,, I will write my name after the above question so,, what is your name?Samira now if I said print(myname) this will result in Samira !! why,, I am confused,, because the let me say" the box " that I called myname contains "the what is your name " question,, where does it brings samira now?? thank you
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