Python Beginner Tutorials

Beginner Tutorials:

Tutorial 1: Python instillation and setup. What is python? “Hello World”. (Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux)
Tutorial 2: Running applications from the command line, input and output.
Tutorial 3: Conditional Execution (Introduction to if statements and logic)
Tutorial 4: Introduction to variables. Python is a dynamically typed language. (Source Code)
Tutorial 5*: Functions (Returning values, parameters, and scope). Command line arguments.
Tutorial 6*: Introduction to Python lists. Indexing and slicing
Tutorial 7*: Python strings are a list of characters. String manipulation
Tutorial 8*: For and while loops. Keywords range, continue, break, and pass.
Tutorial 9*: TBA
Tutorial 10 Cap-Stone*: Binary sort algorithm. What is binary sort? Introudction on creating a binary sorting algorithm in Python.

* Video is currently planned or in progress.