C++ Intermediate Tutorials

Intermediate Tutorials:

Tutorial 0*: Switch from DevC++ to Microsoft Visual Studio
Tutorial 1*: Where is memory and how do I use it? Byte sizes and memory addresses.
Tutorial 2*: Pointers. What is a pointer? Reference and de-reference operators.
Tutorial 3*: Functions with pointers as parameters.
Tutorial 4*: Introduction to Object Oriented Programming (OOP). Generalized OOP
Tutorial 5*: Objects (Classes) with C++
Tutorials 6-9*: Continuation of classes with focuses on how classes can interact with each other. Public and private functions and variables, getters and setters.
Tutorial 10*: Simple! Text Based introduction and development. This video will provide a framework for you to develop your own text based game using C++. I look forward to your creations! Post them on the forum. There will be a topic dedicated to them. Good Luck!

* Video is currently planned or in progress.